Family Services - Chaplain Services

Full-Time Support Chaplain Goal:

To provide spiritual leadership and care to National Guard personnel and their families, as well as other Active Duty and Reserve Component personnel and their families within the State and abroad.  The primary purpose of this position is to manage the state National Guard Chaplain Service religious program and to ensure the free exercise of religion for National Guard personnel and their families. This position is characterized by the high degree of integration into a complete and total program of religious ministries, including workshops, spiritual leadership and care, religious education, and other activities for National Guard personnel and their families. Additionally, the position:
  • ​ Ensures Chaplain Services ministry is performed cooperatively and executed in a pluralistic environment. 
  •  Provides religious and emotional support to the NHNG and technicians work force across the full spectrum of  operations.
  •  Assists commanders and technician supervisors in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion while simultaneously providing spiritual, moral and ethical leadership for the NHNG and Department of Defense employees. ·
  • Educates military families, schools, and community personnel in New Hampshire on the impact of deployment cycles on military families and the resources, support services, and programs available to them.

Full-time Support Chaplain: MAJ William Mullins
Resource and Referals: 1-877-598-0666
Phone: 603-227-1560