Family Services - State Resilience Wellness Program

State Resilience and Wellness Program

The ARNG State Resilience & Wellness Program which also encompasses risk reduction and suicide prevention aims to develop resilient soldiers and families through a wide array of resourced, accessible, and effective programs built upon the five pillars of Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness: Emotional, Family, Physical, Social and Spiritual Fitness. This is done while simultaneously minimizing risky behaviors and suicide. The R3SP program provides a comprehensive approach to health promotion at the individual, organizational and community levels. The State Resilience and Suicide prevention program supports the Army's goal of minimizing suicidal behavior by reducing the risk of suicide for soldiers, Army civilians and family members through development and integration of local suicide prevention programs, early identification and intervention.

POC: Heather Christiansen
Wellness, Resiliency & Suicide Prevention Program Manager
Phone: (603)-225-1213
State Resilience