Soldier Services - Substance Abuse Program

Substance Abuse Program

Mission: To strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the New Hampshire Army National Guard’s workforce, to conserve manpower, and to enhance the combat readiness of soldiers.
Purpose: The purpose of the NHARNG’s Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) is to deter substance abuse by providing prevention education and referral sources to soldiers, randomly test for illicit drug use, and present commanders with the tools to assess the readiness of their unit.
How We Can Help:
Being in the NHARNG is a demanding commitment and can be very stressful. Because you chose to serve your country and took on those commitments, the ASAP is committed to helping you with a variety of needs.

We are here to assist with:

  • Substance abuse addictions
  • Self-referrals (Limited Use Policy)
  • Alcohol dependence
The ASAP is committed to providing soldiers and their chain of command with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices in life and their careers. The ASAP connects soldiers experiencing substance use issues with licensed providers around the state. In addition, the ASAP team works with unit leadership to conduct Unit Risk Inventories/Reintegration Unit Risk Inventories, develop Risk Mitigation Plans, and conduct targeted prevention training for all units in the NHARNG.

If you just have a question or need help, please call or email. We can help!


Risk Reduction Coordinator (RRC)
Michael Muldoon
(603) 227-5068

Prevention Coordinator (PC)
William Komisarek
(603) 227-1571

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