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GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance Program Migration to ArmyIgnitED

GoArmyEd must go offline permanently on Feb. 12, 2021, to facilitate the transfer of data to ArmyIgnitED.  Tuition Assistance (TA) data and services will not be available in ArmyIgnitED until 8 a.m. on Mar. 8 for any system user.  ArmyIgnitED will go offline temporarily on Feb. 25 so soldiers should activate an account before this date.  Soldiers who activate an ArmyIgnitED account before Feb. 25 will not be able to see their TA education history or submit a TA Request until the TA data migrates on Mar. 8.  Soldiers who did not activate an account before Feb. 25 can do so beginning Mar. 8 at 8 a.m.

Counselors should encourage soldiers to maximize the time before the GoArmyEd shut-down to submit their TA Requests or drop classes.  Soldiers who need assistance with either of these functions during the shut-down period should submit a case through the ArmyIgnitED ServiceNow Helpdesk after Mar. 8.  The ServiceNow Helpdesk will not be available before TA services go live in ArmyIgnitED. 

HQ ACCESS will not approve after-the-fact TA in ArmyIgnitED for any soldier who could have submitted a TA Request to GoArmyEd before its shutdown, meaning they were within the window to submit a TA Request 60 days in advance of the course start date.  HQ ACCESS is currently refining the ArmyIgnitED exception to policy (ETP) request process and will provide additional guidance when available.

Soldiers may continue to submit TA Requests to GoArmyEd until 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 10.  Pending non-LOI TA Requests that have not been approved by an Army Education Counselor in GoArmyEd before Feb. 12 will be transferred to ArmyIgnitED; however, the system will reject a request if not approved before the start date of the class.  Starting Mar. 8, all TA Requests must be submitted to ArmyIgnitED.