Family Services - State Family Program

State Family Programs POC:

1SG Andrew Grassie
Phone: 603-225-1889


Service Member and Family Support Resource and Referral Line - 1 877 598 0666

Family Readiness Support Assistant

Family Readiness is defined as “families being prepared and equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle."

Family Readiness Support Assistants or FRSAs assist unit command by providing feedback on the “state of the unit family". FRSAs assist in the coordination, preparation and execution of reunion and reintegration activities, as well as providing support to the Deployment Cycle Support Program, during SRP's and Yellow Ribbon events. They also help establish and maintain the unit's Family Readiness Group (FRG).

A Family Readiness Group, commonly referred to as an FRG, is a command-sponsored organization of soldiers, civilian employees, family members (immediate and extended) and volunteers belonging to a unit. FRG's act as a vital link of the unit in providing official, accurate command information.

The FRG's are made up a lead, sometimes co-lead, secretary, informal funds custodian, and key contacts. These positions are 100% held by volunteers.  A volunteer can be a spouse, parent, sibling, best friend, or anyone that falls in the soldier's circle of care and concern.

The FRG's purpose is to assist unit commanders in enhancing family readiness and encouraging self-sufficiency by providing information, referral assistance and mutual support. The FRG also provides a network of communications among family members, chain of command and community resources. FRG's provide a place for mutual support and assistance as well as a place to build friendships. FRG's provide peace of mind for soldiers knowing their loved ones have a group of people they can reply on at all times, thus allowing the Soldier to complete his or her job without worry for their family.

The process to volunteer is simple. A few forms to fill out and a training with the FRSA team to understand your new role. If you're interested in taking on a volunteer role for an FRG, you can contact the FRSA team directly, contact the unit commander, family readiness liaison or call the Family Program at 1-800-598-0666.


The Child and Youth Program

The Child and Youth Program provides free summer camp, vacation camps, teen leadership opportunities, winter break kits, military youth appreciation certificates, awareness-raising briefings to the community, and Yellow Ribbon event support. If you would like more information please use the contact information above.

Mission: To promote and sustain the quality of life, readiness, and resiliency of geographically dispersed New Hampshire military youth and families by providing high quality support services, enrichment programs, and community partnerships that support military youth and families.

Goals: Deliver recreational, social, and educational programs for New Hampshire's military youth that build a sense of belonging and provide opportunities for them to network with other military families in their community. · Provide New Hampshire's military youth with opportunities to build teamwork, develop life skills, leadership skills and ensure they are better able to manage their lives throughout the deployment cycle by fostering resiliency.

POC: Lauren Steele
Child and Youth Program Contractor

Child And Youth Program