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News | March 28, 2024

He's on another level

By Sgt. Bei Simmons

On paper, Spc. Ethan Moorhouse may still be a part-time fuel handler, but it's his customer service skills that are making a difference for the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

Since taking on a full-time personnel position in 54th Troop Command, Moorhouse has been the driving force behind the brigade’s S1 team. Recently, it was recognized by the U.S. Army for processing 1,418 customer management cases last year, the most in the National Guard, under the new integrated personnel and pay system, known as IPPS-A.

“Spc. Moorhouse operates more on a non-commissioned officer level,” said Maj Carolyn Lovell, chief of the S1 shop. “He is one of the hardest working soldiers I’ve ever served with.”

Three years ago, Moorhouse enlisted as a petroleum supply specialist. This spring, he will reclass as a human resources specialist.

On his own, Moorhouse spent four months scrubbing the brigade’s enlisted documents, Lovell said. As a result, he processed more than 3,200 service awards and added promotion points for more than 700 soldiers.

Moorhouse also created a retirement points verification worksheet for the brigade’s 13 subordinate units. More than 370 reports were corrected, allowing some soldiers to retire earlier than expected because of their contribution to the COVID-19 relief mission. The fix amounted to an estimated 250-300 years in retirement points.

It’s no wonder Moorhouse has earned the nickname “Powerhouse.”

“Don’t let Moorhouse’s rank fool you,” said Master Sgt. Rachel Robak, senior human resources NCO for 54th Troop Command. “Powerhouse is the backbone of this section.”
Outside of work, Moorhouse is an avid hiker. In 10 months, he climbed all 48 of New Hampshire's 4000-foot mountains. He also volunteers on the NHNG Search and Rescue Team.

Moorhouse's passion for helping others will serve him well in future assignments, Robak said. “He has unlimited potential. I see him being the next Automation Services Branch chief once he meets the requirements and becomes a warrant officer.”